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macleod's examination

By:  Graham Douglas, Fiona Nicol, Colin Robertson
The 12th Edition of this famous medical textbook, which was 'Highly Commended' in the 2006 British Medical Association Medical Book Competition, builds on the extensively rewritten previous edition. Over 500 clinical photographs and diagrams now illustrate the text, whilst new topics have been added to make the book even more comprehensive. A complementary DVD now accompanies the book, with specially-recorded videos demonstrating many of the clinical examination routines as they are described in the main text. The book is written by a team of editors and contributors who are all active clinicians and experts in their specialist fields, including in general practice where much of clinical teaching is now based. It describes the practical skills which every clinician must acquire and develop in order to evolve diagnostic procedures and management strategies and plans.

  • This text provides a clear description of the fundamental skills of patient evaluation and examination, answering the cunning questions which arise from this.
  • Starts with a general overview section on history taking and the general examination that provide the framework on which to hang the detail.
  • The systematic examination section documents clearly the relevant history, examination and special investigations as well as giving advice on their significance.
  • The final section covers specialised areas and emphasises an integrated and structured approach to these patients.
  • Closely linked to its sister publication, Davidson's Principles & Practice of Medicine, which complements the information in this text.
  • Available with full online access on Student Consult and with a DVD of specially-recorded videos demonstrating key clinical examination routines following the format laid out in the book.
  • The complementary DVD contains over two hours of specially-recorded videos demonstrating many clinical examination routines following the outline described in the main text.
  • A new introductory chapter emphasises the important principles in beginning a patient examination.
  • Two new chapters focus more precisely on the Skin and the Endocrine System, areas previously covered in the more general examination sections of the book.
  • A new chapter on the Examination of the Eye, previously incorporated into the examination of the neurological system.
  • Two new chapters focus on specific situations:.
  • Pre-operative Assessment looks at the examination required of a patient prior to sedation and anaesthesia.
  • Examination to confirm death.
The book now includes over 50 clinical examples in OSCE format, as used in final MB and MRCP (UK) PACES examinations, to help with revision.

Macleod's Clinical Examination, 12th Edition

A Textbook of Neuroanatomy

By Maria Patestas, Leslie P. Gartner
This complete, yet concise text is designed to help students easily master the anatomy and basic physiology of the nervous system. Accessible and clear, the text highlights interrelationships between systems, structures, and the rest of the body as it moves through various regions of the brain. A comprehensive chapter on embryology furthers this end, showing students the major themes in the configuration of human anatomy. The organization navigates the student through the many details involved in neuroanatomy. The first nine chapters introduce the main principles and terms that play a role in neuroanatomy, and the remaining chapters then use this information to describe the anatomy and function of the various pathways and discrete systems.

The text emphasizes the clinical relevance of the material through clinical cases, questions, and follow-up discussions in each chapter, motivating students to learn the information. Clinical considerations in each chapter indicate medical conditions relevant to the chapter topics. In addition, synonym/eponym tables in most chapters organize the many different terms for the same vocabulary word, and summary tables assist students in learning and memorizing. An accompanying website includes the illustrations, along with animations of key processes.

Trauma, Critical Care and Surgical Emergencies: A Case and Evidence-Based Textbook

by:  Reuven Rabinovici, Heidi Lee Frankel, Orlando Kirton
This book provides a comprehensive and contemporary discussion about the three key areas of acute care surgery; trauma, surgical critical care, and surgical emergencies. The 65 chapters are arranged by organ, anatomical site and injury type, and each includes a case study with evidence-based analysis of diagnosis, management, and outcomes. Unless stated otherwise, the authors used the GRADE evidence classification system established the American College of Chest Physicians.

Trauma, Critical Care and Surgical Emergencies is essential reading for all surgeons, fellows, residents and students, especially those working in trauma, emergency, and critical care environments.

Pediatric Secrets: with STUDENT CONSULT Access (4th Edition)

by:  Richard A. Polin, Mark F. Ditmar
The Secrets Series® is breaking new ground again. This best-selling volume in the very popular Secrets Series® is back in an exciting, updated, and completely redesigned 4th Edition! With a new, two-color page layout, a more portable size, a list of the "Top 100 Secrets" in pediatrics, and access to the entire book and more online, it helps readers to better meet the challenges they face today. At the same time, the book retains all of the features that readers have always appreciated -a question-and-answer format, lists, mnemonics, tables, and an informal tone that make reference fast and easy. No matter what questions arise, in practice or while preparing for the pediatrics boards, this 4th Edition has the answers-in print and online. And, at no extra charge, purchasers also receive online access to the complete contents of the text via Elsevier's innovative STUDENTCONSULT.com website.Uses bulleted lists, tables, short answers, and a highly detailed index to expedite reference.Features pearls, tips, memory aids, and "secrets" from the experts.Covers all of today's most common conditions and their treatment.Presents a list of the "Top 100 Secrets" to keep in mind during residency and practice.Features a new, more compact trim size (5 1/4" x 8 1/2") for enhanced portability.Makes information easier to find with a new, two-color page layout and "Key Points" boxes.Identifies useful online sources of additional information.Now includes STUDENT CONSULT access!www.studentconsult.com is an innovative website that allows you to build a personalized, fully integrated, online library, where you'll find...The entire contents of every STUDENT CONSULT title you purchase.Powerful search capabilities- View all excerpts relevant to keyword or subject searches (up to 300 words per hit) from every book in the series.Image libraryPOCKETConsult- Download portions of your personal library onto your handheld.Student resources- Sharpen your skills, stay informed, and have fun!

Pediatric Secrets: with STUDENT CONSULT Access (4th Edition)